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What is Untouched World's brand protection policy?Updated a year ago

Untouched World's brand protection policy is a set of guidelines and measures designed to safeguard the integrity and reputation of the Untouched World brand. It encompasses various strategies to prevent counterfeiting, unauthorised distribution, and misuse of the brand.

How does Untouched World protect its brand from counterfeit products?

Untouched World employs strict quality control measures, including advanced authentication technologies and monitoring systems, to identify and prevent the production and distribution of counterfeit products. We also collaborate with law enforcement agencies and take legal action against counterfeiters to protect our brand and customers. 

How can I ensure that I am purchasing genuine Untouched World products?

To ensure the authenticity of Untouched World products, we recommend purchasing exclusively from our official website, authorised retailers (see Our Stores & Stockists), or authorised online marketplaces. Look for our official logo, labels, and packaging details that are consistent with our brand standards.

What should I do if I suspect a product is counterfeit?

If you suspect you have purchased a counterfeit Untouched World product, please contact us immediately with detailed information about the product, including the place of purchase, the seller's information, and any supporting evidence. We take such reports seriously and will investigate promptly.

Can I sell Untouched World products without being an authorised retailer?

No, selling Untouched World products without being an authorised retailer is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised sellers may be selling counterfeit or inferior quality items, and customers may not receive the genuine Untouched World experience or warranty support. 

We will guide you through the application process and evaluate your eligibility. 

Does Untouched World actively monitor online marketplaces for unauthorised sellers?

Yes, Untouched World actively monitors online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to identify and take action against unauthorised sellers. We have dedicated teams that enforce our brand protection policies and work to remove listings or sellers that violate our guidelines.

What actions does Untouched World take against sellers who violate brand protection policies?

Untouched World takes appropriate legal and enforcement actions against sellers who violate our brand protection policies. This can include sending cease and desist letters, filing lawsuits, cooperating with law enforcement agencies, and working with online platforms to remove unauthorised listings. 

Can I use the Untouched World logo or trademarks without permission?

No, the use of Untouched World's logo, trademarks, or any other intellectual property without prior authorisation is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in using our logo or trademarks for legitimate purposes, please contact us to discuss potential partnerships or licensing agreements.

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