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How can I become a stockist of Untouched World products?Updated a year ago

Thank you for your interest in becoming a stockist of Untouched World! 

Feel free to please submit your enquiry for more information.Our team will review your application and contact you with further information.

What are the requirements to become a stockist of Untouched World?

We carefully select stockists who align with our brand values and vision. While specific requirements may vary, we generally look for established retail businesses with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices. Our team will assess each application individually to ensure a suitable partnership.  

Do I need to have a physical store to become a stockist?

While having a physical store is preferable, we also consider online retailers for stockist opportunities. Please provide details about your business model in the enquiry form, and our team will evaluate the potential for collaboration. 

Are there any geographical restrictions on becoming a stockist?

Untouched World is committed to expanding its reach globally. We welcome stockist applications from various regions. However, we assess each application based on various factors, including market demand and existing partnerships, to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. 

Can I stock a specific line or category of Untouched World products?

Untouched World offers a diverse range of products across different categories. While we encourage stockists to carry a variety of our offerings, we understand that each business has unique preferences and customer demographics. We can discuss the specific product lines or categories of interest during the evaluation process.

Are there any minimum order requirements for stockists?

Yes, we typically have minimum order requirements for our stockists. These requirements ensure that our products are showcased effectively and maintain brand integrity. Specific minimum order details will be discussed during the evaluation and onboarding process. 

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