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About our mending and repair serviceUpdated 2 months ago

Yes, we offer a mending and repair service for our products as part of our commitment to sustainability and extending the lifespan of our garments. 

We take great pride in creating high-quality garments that maintain their 'good as new' appearance for as long as possible. As part of our circularity efforts, we're committed to keeping older pieces in circulation, ensuring they continue to be worn and look their best.
We understand that accidents can happen, and that's where we come in to help. Our skilled team of artisans, based in our own workrooms in Christchurch, have mastered the art of mending—they're here to restore your cherished items, bringing them back to their former glory.

What type of repairs can you handle?

We can handle a wide range of repairs, including fixing seams and replacing buttons or zippers, patching small holes. Our skilled team of artisans and technicians will do their best to restore your item to its original condition.

Is there a charge for the mending and repair service?

Yes, there may be a charge for our mending and repair service. The cost will depend on the nature of the repair, the materials required, and the complexity of the work. Our staff will assess the repair needs and provide you with an estimate of the associated costs before proceeding.

Faulty garments are repaired free of charge.

How do I request a repair?

To request a repair, please follow these steps: 

  1. Please note, you must fill out an inquiry form with the garment image and a short description prior to posting your garment to us to assess. By not doing this, we may send your garment back to you if it is beyond repair.    
  2. Assessment and Estimate: Based on the assessment, we will provide you with an estimate of the repair costs including return shipping, and any additional information required within 7 working days. The estimate may be revised upon receipt of your item (as photos do not always show the extent of the damage).
  3. Confirmation and Payment: Once you approve the repair estimate, we will proceed with the repair. We will provide you with payment options, and the repair service charge will be included. 
  4. Return of Repaired Item: After the repair is completed, we will return the item to you, either by mail or for pick-up at our retail store, depending on your preference and location.

How long does the repair process take?

The repair time can vary depending on the complexity of the repair and our current workload. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeframe when discussing the repair details. We strive to complete repairs in a timely manner while ensuring the highest quality work.

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